Making of Design Principles: Providence Public Library "Alleyways"
A public library is one of the only places in America in which all people are accepted. It is a place for community and education. 
Located in downtown Providence, RI, the library continues the language of tight alleyways conceived from the cities tight New England streets. It provides access to all, as sky bridges make it wheel chair accessible on all levels. Framing the city is a theme. Outside the main entrance is a coffee shop, a beacon for the library, a homage to the surrounding street environment. A long straight alleyway entrance pulls visitors into the main floor. There, circulation carries visitors upwards through the stacks. Taking advantage of the canal it is situated on, skybridge carry one across the alleyway to prime views to study and read from. Large slices into the form allows light in and maintains its unique view and appearance from local buildings. It is a simple circulation, as one side has a dense orientation filled with books, and the other side leads to open, quiet, and serene place to view the ocean and study from.
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